Blade is a Business Technology company based in Teesside, we’re keen to invest in passionate young people with drive and ambition.

Lisa was handpicked by Noel O’Donnell, Managing Director of Blade BTS, “Out of the candidates, we had to choose Lisa, she stood out with her eagerness and enthusiasm to learn and be part of our growing business”.

Lisa has taken on an extensive amount of work as part of the Blade team, honing skills she already has and acquiring new ones along the way, all while working towards her qualification, Level three extended diploma in IT hardware engineering.

Since joining the Blade team Lisa has helped complete a nationwide multi-million pound Wi-Fi project, her responsibilities included; surveying care homes, commissioning them and being hands on with all technical equipment.

Lisa now has knowledge of EPOS Systems since developing and building a fully functional till system for one of our hospitality clients. A task which she completed independently and to a high standard; resulting in very pleased clients who we continue to support in their business.

Lisa continues to excel within our company, upon the completion of her diploma we have taken Lisa on as a full-time member of staff, as well as training as a IT technician, she will be taking on more responsibilities within Blade together with managing the help desk.


Since becoming a team member Lisa has brought many positives to my company, she can be tailored to specific job roles, making her flexible to the needs of my business her ability to take on multiple tasks means productivity has gone up.

I am happy to say I would recommend apprentices, they are an asset to any company and huge benefit especially in busy, stressful periods and particularly to small businesses starting out.