WIFI has become one of the most essential components of tech in our lives dominating everything from how we create entertainment at home to how we socialise with people for the most part improving our lives for the better- however it’s also a cause for frustration if you’re experiencing connection issues such as slow speeds and bad reception as well other pain stakes.

Here’s some simple steps to follow for the not so tech savvy individual ….

Use up to date WIFI Technologies

Ensure your network is quick and reliable by using the latest hardware; using router hardware’s such as wireless AC being the most current product offering will enable less buffering when streaming video media due to data being moved at a speedier rate.  Make sure that you have a networking card as well as a USB dongle that includes wireless AC support in your device if you want to upgrade to full speed boost.

However, if this option seems too complicated, then procuring a wireless mesh network system could be an alternative.

Find an optimum spot for Your Router

To make sure you get the best signal your router should be out in the open, although they are not the most appealing ornaments in your home it can be damaging to your signal if you have them hidden away. Also ensure routers are placed in the centre of your house allowing increased coverage throughout your home.

In addition, routers are sometimes situated to locations based on where your internet connection enters the building and connects to your modem. This problem can be addressed with Ethernet cables as well as cable clips to attached to the wall out of sight.

Minimise Interference’s

Your home is full of interference’s that disrupt your WIFI working seamlessly; appliances such as phones & tablets as well as household items like microwaves & washing machines can affect your signal strength.  These issues could be addressed by purchasing a dual band router can help with this or alternatively if you’re not looking to fork out on new hardware, you could simply try relocating the router further away from possible interference’s.

Check your Wireless Channel

Make sure you’re operating on the right wireless channel as there is various channels that your router could be aligned too; ensure you’re on the channel with minimal interference’s.  In addition, there are tools you can use such as your routers control panel or WIFI analyser enabling you to find the best channel in your home.

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