Are Your Disaster Recovery Measures up to Scratch?

Are Your Disaster Recovery Measures up to Scratch?

Here at Blade we recognise the importance of having a structured Business continuity plan; so when disaster strikes your business is prepared.

Blade’s IT Business Continuity Offering

Data Backup

We offer our clients managed service backups to ensure lost data is restored.

Site Replication

Separate data site offering to ensure increased security procedures.

Documentation Handling

Blade offers a detailed documentation handling service which acts to prioritise elements of your network that need restoring.

Data Back up

Backing up your data significantly reduces your business ex-periencing downtime by providing Ease of Recovery; need your data back because you’ve lost it, don’t panic we can re-cover your data using one of your backups with minimum downtime.

Blade uses fully managed online backup services, powered by Cloud data backup systems.

With data loss being the highest downfall for many companies we have come up with a service which caters to this. We offer clients a managed backup service. We manage your backups using specialised software, we schedule backups for times which are convenient for yourself, keeping them safe in case you ever need to use them.

Data Backup & Recovery Tips

Regardless of your industry or size your business creates data. Data loss can be caused by many common factors. Visit Blade news for information on data backup essentials.