Are You looking for a High-Tech EPOS Provider?

Are You looking for a High-Tech EPOS Provider?

We provide Till Systems , Printers,  Cash Drawers and many more features to benefit both long-term Business Strategy as well as day to day operations. Blade also setup and install your tilling system as well as the required peripherals your Business may need; by working closely with our clients our engineers ensure all systems are set up to the requested specifications.

Having an EPOS Management System Provides Benefits in…

  Stock Management

EPOS Systems can help to manage your stock allowing an efficient overview of product quantities that may be running low, reducing the risk of over ordering, low stock levels and identifying low performing products. By pin pointing your exact stock quantity levels, this increases your ability to predict ordering processes for busy periods, quiet periods and seasonal offers; ultimately efficient stock management increases your Business profitability.

  Financial Accuracy

Equipping your Business with a high quality EPOS System enables Increased financial accuracy when processing payments from customers. This reduces reliance on staff members to calculate costs effectively minimising the risks of human error when it comes to processing till transactions.

Choose Your POS Brand from Industry Experts


Blade are experienced in the supply and install of Samtouch EPOS Solutions; Samtouch uses up to date and innovative technology enabling compatibility with the latest Microsoft operating systems.

Are you an independent business owner in need of industry specific software? Samtouch has been developed & designed with various features able to meet the needs of businesses operating in the retail and hospitality sector.

Key Features Include…

Blade provide EPOS Systems with a range of specialist features all designed to enhance your Business functions our trained Technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience in this field to advise the right model needed to meet your Business requirements …

Promotional Tools

Samtouch EPOS Systems feature promotional tools all designed to increased sales performance such as campaign running to maximise sales offers, upselling, QR codes that can be linked to both online & offline channels such as receipts, websites and social media displaying sales offers or product information.

Kitchen Orders Printing

To increase speed and efficiency of the overall food ordering process; Samtouch order process features include scheduled re-route options to enable access to alternative printers within your systems. Cooking instructions via free text are also available as part of orders to ensure an increased communications strategy.

Integrated Payment Systems

Integrate portable card machines into your Business… Samtouch network with multiple key card payment providers including Worldpay, Sage and Veriphone. You choose the device and provider to meet the requirements of your Business.

Multiple Product Sizes

The multiple sizes feature allows the effective offering of numerous sizes and prices per product whilst also enabling the factoring of required quantity distributing stock portions accordingly.

Table Management

Samtouch Systems provide effective functionality for your Business offering graphic displays of your table layout including split billing, table merging, tab transfers along with further functionalities expected. Drive your Business into the Digital age and increase efficiency by operating Windows tablets for order processes at your table operations./p>

Choose Your Sector…

See Whole Latte Loves Story

Blade Business Technology Solutions supplied a brand-new till and set up software to the spaces that I requested. Also supplied and installed CAT 6 cabling throughout the whole building including in the unrenovated function room to future proof as well as for the next stage of development.  Blade supplied and installed a kitchen printer whilst also adding cable extension as the original site had changed for this.  As a company, they are always on call, IT Technician Lisa has been out numerous times to change the till layout and products on request.

I would 100% recommend this firm to anyone with any form of IT requirements.

Sam Daniels

Restaurant Manager, Whole Latte Love