Is Your Business Secure from Cyber-Attacks?

Is Your Business Secure from Cyber-Attacks?

Cyber-Attacks are increasingly on the rise targeting businesses at an alarming rate throughout various industries; therefore, it is paramount that your business is protected. Blade are a team of dedicated Cyber Security experts who are committed to providing the right security solutions.

Mobile Devices


Data in Public Cloud


Cloud Infrastructure


User Behaviour



Sources of concern relating to cyber attacks

Blade’s Specialist IT & Information Security Framework Offering

IT Security Software

Blade Security solutions ensure your business is protected from cybercrime.

Data Backup Solutions

Ensure your data is protected with Blade’s specialist data-back up Solutions.

Secure WIFI

Blade offers reliable, fast WIFI with optional guest and mobility.

Mobile Device

Blades mobile management systems enable efficient monitoring as well as security for employees business devices.

Business Continuity

Blade can assist your business with the development of an efficient Business Continuity plan.

IT Security Software

Security Software is also referred to as cyber security software. The software is designed to protect and defend the system from threats.

Here at Blade we have partnered with ESET to provide our clients with outstanding protection, protecting you from all forms of threats, whether that be emerging or established risks.

Blade can provide clients with various forms of ESET Security products, from Internet Security to Server Security, we are an experience Cyber Security provider.


Fully Integrated Protection

Continuous Protection (Runs in background)

Minimal impact of system performance

What types of information are you most concerned about protecting from cyber attackers?