Importance of Cookies;

Monday the 4th December marks the day ‘World Cookie Day’. To celebrate this day, we have created this article about web cookies.


What are Cookies?

Have you ever been asked to accept cookies? Don’t know what a cookie is and whether to allow them? Cookies in IT terms are small pieces of data sent from websites and stored onto your computer. It’s stored on the computer by your web browser. Cookies are completely harmless to your computer.


Why are Cookies used?

Cookies hold data which is specific to a website and to a user. Cookies are used by many websites to help improve customer experience. In simple terms cookies carry data from one browsing session to another or even between sessions on related websites. They’re designed to improve your experience on the web.


Importance of Cookies?

The most important job of a cookie is to keep a user logged in while you browse from one page to the next. Cookies allow websites to remember shopping carts on shopping sites, wish lists on sites like ‘eBay’, recommendations and even payment information. Everything a cookie does, is done to improve your experience the next time you visit the site.